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He did it! He actually asked me to marry him and the proposal was amazing and so overwhelming. I loved it!

We went to a open-air music festival and while watching Editors perform I was sitting down and enjoying the music and sun. Suddenly he taps me on the shoulders and tells me to get up for a moment, and when I did and looked to my right theres a cameraman with a camera in my face, people all staring at us and my boyfriend started to go down on one knee and I started to cry and giggle at the same time because I was so overwhelmed and nervous and butterflies and EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME. Of course I said yes! After he put on the ring I hugged and kissed him for a while and couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day. We got a nice close up on the ring and everything too and it was just an awesome moment and OMG I CANT BELIEVE I’M GETTING MARRIED.


I still can’t believe it but I’m so excited! Still waiting for the video though!

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Sooooooo… My boyfriend asked my father for his blessing / my hand in marriage yesterday…


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Anonymous said:
Request: Daryl worrying about his girl after they got separated during the Season 4 midseason finale. Thank you so much!!

Not a problem!

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Anonymous said:
Request; Could you write something about Daryl and the reader getting into a heated fight and Daryl storms off leaving the reader about in tears? And later they make up when Daryl cools down

Sure thing hun, I’ll work on the requests soon!

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Anonymous said:
Request: All of you minidisc are amazing! And Dirty Dixons part 4- can't wait for the 5th!!! :D. Anyway, I was wondering if you could do something with Daryl telling the reader that he really likes/loves her and is awkward about it. (However you think Daryl would act if he was to do something like this) that'd be great

Oh thank you sweety! I appreciate that a lot. I didn’t think anyone liked the new Dirty Dixon but I’m glad you do!! And yes ofcourse, I’m on it!

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Anonymous said:
Request: a girl has had a major crush on Daryl for awhile now but never said anything about it, her heart is broken when she sees him in the arms of another doing the dirty

Oh how heartbreaking, I’m on it!

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Anonymous said:
Request: Daryl and a girl are frustrated and need to blow off a little steam. They hook up and have a blast well at it.

Cool idea, on it!

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Anonymous said:
Request: a girl who has had feelings for Daryl for quite awhile but to proud to act on them cause she always thought she never needs a man but one day finally gives in.

No problem!

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yungcakepop said:
hey can u write more shane mini fics??? if u dont want to its fine BUT IM DESPERATE LOL

Ofcourse I can! I think Shane is an awesome character. 

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Hello my lovelies!

So, the past few weeks have been pretty busy with work work and more work. But damn I almost forgot to share, I got a new job!  So I’ve been going through a lot of training lately and have been also house & dog sitting on the side and doing volunteer work. So once again I haven’t been able to write much until now.

I’ve been doing much better lately and have been concentrating more on myself. My family and boyfriend have been a great support, as have all the amazing people that messages me when I was down. So thank you guys so much again!

I’m all up to date on the requests now so please send new ones my way. I really hope you liked the newest posts, and comments/feedback is always welcome. Oh and not to forget, Dirty Dixon | Part 4 is finally posted and can be read right here: http://welovedaryldixon.tumblr.com/post/87334897501/dirty-dixon-part-4

I hope everyone is doing well, I can’t believe it’s almost June! Time has been flying by this year, and I’m dying to see the new season already. I believe I’m having withdrawls (might explain the sudden inspiration to write haha!) Well I wish everyone much love, happiness, kisses, hugs and fun. And don’t forget, requests are more than welcome on all the characters! <3

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