\ Keep Calm and Hide Behind Daryl Dixon

First off I wanted to say thank you to everyone who wrote me and sent me some love, I really needed it and appreciate all your kind words. I’m feeling much better now but haven’t been able to write really, so hopefully soon some new ideas will pop up into my head and I’ll be able to post.


Third. A friend of mine could use some advice on her sexual orientation and seeing as a lot of you have some great advice I hope you can maybe give her an answer because this is something that has been bothering her. I love the girl to death and she is one of my main reasons for staying sane all these years, so hopefully y’all have some words of wisdom. 

Here is what she has to say:
So I’m a 20 year old female and have been doubting about my sexual orientation every since the 4th year if high school (where I come from it depends on the level you’re at and in my case I had to do five years of high school). Although it has been quite weak and switching between knowing and not knowing and stuff… I have been having these confusing thoughts for the past four months really strongly.

Now what’s going on? Well I think I might be bisexual, but know I’m strongly attracted to (masculine) males and would go all the way with them, but when I see a gorgeous female, I can imagine myself kissing her, holding her and just sleeping with her..
So nothing sexual with females.

My question is now; is it possible to be bisexual but go all the way with males and not with females?

I hope someone can clarify it and help me a bit:) thanks!”

Thank you again everyone who takes a moment to help another out with some words of advice. Many hugs, kisses and Dixon love. 

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Anonymous said:
Just wanted to say I am so sorry you are going through a rough time. I know exactly how you feel. Just know you are worth way more than anything in the world and always keep your chin up. You are loved by so many people on here and you are such and important person. We love you!

And I love y’all too, so much. Thank you so much for your support, all of you who messaged me and wrote me. I am feeling much better now and I hope everyone out there is doing well too. Much love and many hugs and Normie kisses!

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Anonymous said:
I'm sorry to hear about all that.:( honestly I just went through a period of depression feeling about like that but I got through it. It won't last forever though and you have people willing to help. Don't worry about not posting for a bit:)

Thank you love, I appreciate it. I’m feeling much better now and am trying to keep that smile on my face. Good luck to you too and remain strong <3

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Anonymous said:
Just wanted to send you some love since you've been feeling down and as you said "worthless." I think personally that it's great to know even ONE person cares about you - me! ;) - but additionally you have LOTS of us on here who care and think you're the opposite of worthless. You've connected to people through your writing and this blog is proof. This message is proof. <3

I really needed this my love, thank you so much. Sorry for my late reply but I am feeling much better now. Your message means a lot to me so THANK YOU so so sooo much. <3

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Anonymous said:

Thank you so much love, I appreciate your kind words and I love you too <3 Have a great day and keep smiling <3

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Anonymous said:
You don't write anymore? :((

Yes I do. Just not constantly. 

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migueldelicado said:
Hi! Just wanted to share a little Daryl fan art. It´s on my tumblr! Hugs!!!

Oh my god you mystical talented creature, continue what you are doing.
Everyone else needs to visit your blog and check it out too.

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Anonymous said:
Are you still going to do the whole Merle's daughter with Glenn? With a bit of Glenn smut at the end? :3 Not rushing, just curious.

Of course I am, it’s on my request list that is growing like crazy but I haven’t gotten around to writing yet. Sorry about that, but I’ll try to work on it soon ^^

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Anonymous said:
A Daryl/Michonne story would be really cool. I hardcore ship Dichonne, and a story would be just grand. I really like your stories! :D

Oh dear, a whole story I wont have the time for but I’ll write something about them soon (: 

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Sorry everyone for not being active again.
I’m going through some personal issues at the moment and have been feeling pretty down and to be honest really worthless lately.
Life seems like it drags by but at the same time I can’t believe it’s almost April. And even though I’m trying to keep a smile on my face during the night is when everything really crashes down on me. My mind gets to me and I turn into my own enemy. But fuck it, I’ll get through it somehow I guess.
Just wanted to apologize for not posting anything.

Other than that, I can’t wait for the finale. Good luck everyone.

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